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Painting commissions

Paintings take you into visually seductive worlds that tell a story or convey feeling. It has been scientifically proven that looking at art boosts your thinking skills and lowers anxiety and depression. A personalized painting is also a beautiful statement to enhance your home or business and can be a great conversation topic when having visitors or clients over.

I create realistic and fantasy paintings on commission based on any topic, story or photo you like. You can choose between an analogue acrylic painting or a digitally painted high quality artprint. Digital paintings start at €200, acrylic paintings at €350. The prize depends on the size and complexity of the painting. Feel free to contact me for a no-obligation conversation. We will talk about your ideas and wishes. Afterwards I will send you a personalized offer.


Fantasy painting


I specialize in creating surrealistic fantasy paintings. These are a great way to depict stories and topics that can’t be photographed. You can request any topic or scene you like. I base the style of the artwork on your wishes, story and / or purpose of the painting. 

On the left a commission to paint a Kenku warlock and a Raven queen. These are two fantasy characters from the story based game ‘Dungeons & Dragons’. Because it is a story based game there is no fixed image of what the characters should look like. This made it a lovely challenge to depict the clients vision of what the characters would look like.

The digital painting on the right I made as a practice to experiment with colours and patterns.

Photo to painting artist

Besides fantasy artwork you can hire me to create a painting based on photos you send me. Think about pictures of your family, pet, favourite flowers, amazing vacation or any other (royalty-free) picture you like. A painting is a great way to visually enhance your home and commemorate great moments.

On the right a painting that combines the two sweet pet pictures you see below.


Editorial painting


Painting can be a form of editorial illustration. Editorial paintings help express the idea and overall mood of a text. They give an impression of the topics and visually seduce the reader.

On the left an example of a panorama painting commission for a scientific text about kissing. You can take a look at my editorial illustration page to find out more about this service.

Digital painting

I often paint digitally and base the style on the topic or story and your preferences. As you can see in my portfolio I am able to work in various styles like realistic, semi-realistic and cartoon. What my versatile work has in common is the spatial appearance due to my fascination for light and shadow. I don’t like artworks that look ‘flat’ and I always try to give my 2D work a bit of a tree dimensional feeling. 

I mainly paint in Adobe Photoshop but for clean cartoony artwork I use Adobe Illustrator. The advantage of creating digital art is that adjustments are easier to make. Think about adjusting colors, scaling or removing visual elements and changing proportions.

If you like artworks with a more analogue look. There are great digital brushes to make a digital painting look like it is painted on canvas. For example the artwork on the right I made of a close up photo of my violin.


Acrylic paintings


Even though digital paintings can be made to look much like an analogue painting nowadays, it won’t have the beautiful textures and strokes of a hand painted artwork. For my acrylic paintings I work with System3 paint. This is good quality paint that has excellent colour strength, permanence and lightfastness. Because of this the colours stay beautiful for a long time (a lot longer than print ink for example).


Painting analogue takes some more time than painting digitally. Because of this and the high quality materials I use this service costs a bit more, but the end result will be worth it!

On the left an experimental collage painting inspired by the magazine images I incorparated in it. 'Woman and secret door'.

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