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Graphic design for small businesses

I will make your company stand out with authentic illustrative branding. To visually convey your company’s vision and identity to the customer is very important. As an illustrative designer can help you by creating visuals using metaphors that match your company’s identity and vision. This in a way that speaks to your target group.


As a full time independent entrepreneur I like to help other entrepreneurs to visually enhance their small businesses.

Below you can read more about the different graphic design services I can do for you.


Hand drawn logo design

I specialize in analogue looking logo designs. I can create these as vector designs which means they are scalable without turning pixelated. Hand drawn looking logos are great for companies that provide personalized services and like their logo’s to convey their craftsmanship.

For every logo assignment I will take a close look at your company and base the style of the logo on your company’s identity and your wishes. I can offer you advise witch style will match your company and communicates to your target audience. The same goes for colours. For example: green is associated with growth, money and sustainability, pink is considered feminine and sweet, yellow is associated with energy and happiness etc.

Logo design freelancer

Logos encapsulate a brand’s vision and personality often using a visual metaphor. Look at the logo left above for example. I designed this logo for boutique travel agency ‘The Sybarite Flamingo’. A bird is a metaphor for freedom and the world map refers to international traveling. The flamingo is also a metaphor for exotic warm places and for elegance. Al topics they found important to incorporate.

Left below you can see a logo example for a freelance game designer. He requested a clean modern typographic logo that contains a visual element referring to a reset button.

You can hire me as freelance logo designer. The cost for a logo design starts at €300. Feel free to reach out to receive a personalized offer. I like to hear some more about your company!


Original business card design


A good business card makes it clear who you are, what you do at which company and how you can be reached. In addition, it is also important that your card visually matches the vision of your company and speaks to the target group. On the left a business card design for Dutch sustainable organisation 'Optie Samenleving' ('Option Society'). They asked me to incorparate their logo that is also a graphic model they use for education.


I create original business card designs matching your company starting at €100 for a mainly typographic design (like the left one) and €200 for illustrative designs. You can contact me for a free consult in which we will talk about your wishes. Afterwards I will send you a personalized offer.

Illustration for your website

A lot of small businesses use free images on their websites, social media or blogs. Chances are the image you use is used by a lot of others. Of course you rather avoid your customer stumbling into another website or social media page using the exact same image.


Original illustrations help give your website and your business story more depth. Not only does your customer likes original content, but Google as well. Original visuals that aren’t used on other sites are seen as more valuable content. This gives you a better ranking on search engines like Google.

Illustrations help better express the idea and overall mood of your texts to your reader. They give impressions of your topics and visually seduce your reader. As you can see in my portfolio I am able to work in various styles and mediums. I base the style and medium on the message of your story, the audience and your wishes.


Are you interested in an illustration to enhance your website and improve your online ranking? Feel free to reach out so we can schedule a no-obligation meeting. I like to hear from you!


Above two examples of collage illustrations for a blog about the animal cruelty behind our products. The image left below depicts the separation between male and female ‘laying hens’. The male chicks are gassed after birth, because they are perceived as not productive enough to grow up as a broiler. The artwork on the right is about orangutans who are threatened with extinction and are forcibly driven out of the rainforest. This for the creation of palm oil plantations for our products.


Poster designer for hire

I am also for hire to design your business printed or digital matter. This can be posters for an event, flyers with information, an infographic for your website etc. Left below a poster example I made for the World Art Week of 2020 within theme ‘Imagine the world like this’. Right below a flyer I made to promote my Dutch children’s book ‘Tekke the tick and how man outsmarted him’.

Feel free to reach out to receive a personalized offer. Illustrated posters, flyers and infographics start at €200 (excluding Dutch tax). I also design personalized invitation cards for (business) events if you are interested. You can read more about this service on my invitation cards design page.

Are you interested in any of the services above? Feel free to contact me for a no-obligation conversation!

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