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Hi! My name is Carlijn van der Leede. I am an illustrative designer from the Netherlands. My illustrations take you into visually seductive fantasy worlds, in which I use visual metaphors to make you think about social problems. This makes my work a combination of surrealism and social engagement.

I have a fascination for lighting and photography, which gives my work a spatial appearance and regularly contains photographic elements. In addition to painting and drawing, I see collage and three-dimensional work as ways to illustrate and often let the form depend on the added value for the content.


2007-2016 Academie Arendonk (part-time art education)

2010-2016 HAVO Pius X-College, Bladel (high school)

2016-2020 St. Joost School of Art & Design, Breda (specialization: Illustrated & Animated Storytelling)

You can find out more about my education, publications and technical skills on my CV.


I like to use my illustrations to visually enhance and clarify your text, story or idea. Feel free to contact me to ask any questions or receive a personalized offer. I like to see what I can do for you.

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