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Animations help to clarify complex topics and to reach your target group. With a personalized animation I can help you visually communicate your message to your target audience.

Animations can be used for various purposes like: education, entertainment, activation, contemplation or persuasion. I mainly focus on educational and contemplative animations about social topics. Some previous animations I made are about animal welfare, the reduction of large wage differences and the different opinions people have about providing information to the police.

I specialize in 2D animations made with collage or digitally drawn. I customize the style and technique to your wishes, message and target group. Before creating the animation we will talk about your story on which I base a storyboard (series of sketches that depict the animation). After your approval, I will work out the animation in a matching style. I can do the audio design as well or base the animation on a voiceover you send me. One minute animations start at €2475. Gifs or 10 second animations at €450. You can contact me for a no-obligation conversation and to receive a personalized offer.

Animation showreel

Collage animation

When creating a photocollage animation I use visual metaphors to depict your story. With photo elements I create dramatic or funny surrealistic scenes that help convey your message.


Left above a Dutch animation called ‘Fair benefits for companies’. The animation is about the social impact of large wage differences and the benefits a company gains when paying fair wages. For example: When companies pay fair wages, there will also be more purchasing power. This increases employment. More equal wages and profit sharing also will make workers more motivated and feel more connected to the company. This increases the efficiency and productivity of the company. I believe companies have a social responsibility to ensure a more equal world. When the rich no longer feel connected with the rest of society, it will pose a danger. Less and less money will go to education, science, technology, healthcare and infrastructure.

Left below an animation called ‘Animal lover?’. I made this confronting animation for a showreel at the Dutch illustration festival ‘Illustratie Biënalle 2018’ within the theme ‘Resistance’. The animation is a metaphor of the distinction people make between animal species regarding their treatment. One group gets massively pampered (pets) and the other group gets massively slaughtered often after a bad life (livestock). To me it seems odd that people call themselves animal lovers because they like dogs although they eat pigs that have never seen daylight (while pigs are social and even more intelligent than dogs).

2D animations digitally drawn

For 2D animations there are two important ways to animate: frame to frame and moving illustration. Frame to frame is an animation technique where every second contains around 24 drawings that are shown quickly after each other to create the illusion of movement. This technique is used a lot in older Disney movies for example. As you can guess this technique takes a lot of time. When made alone it takes about a half year of work to create a short animation. That is why I create ‘moving illustrations’. I illustrate all elements that I want to make moving on separate layers. For example a car, its wheels and the upper body parts of people inside the car. To make these elements move I use Adobe After Effects. By moving the elements in a timeframe with the help of puppet pins I can make the car move from the left to the right with rotating wheels and people inside the car waving at you.

Not only can I literally depict stories for you, but I can also help visually think along about social issues. On the right a contemplative animation I made in collaboration with Joride Hol about the different opinions people have about providing information to the police. The police asked us to visually answer the question how they could find more allies. In our view, what hinders citizens to give information is the image of the police. We created a surrealistic animation about different opinions on the police to spread on social media. This to make people think about how they see the police and to spread the message 'the police needs information to function properly'. This phrase is constantly being repeated and everyone can determine for themselves how they interpret this message. We metaphorically depicted the police as creatures that survive on information to support this message.

Drawn 2D animations are an attrachtive way to communicate stories to your target audience. What is the story you want to tell? I like to hear from you!

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